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Weight Loss for Women

Many of us on the weight loss bandwagon have tried out the latest fad diet, struggled to downsize our meals and been totally disappointed when the weekly weigh-in comes. Now days, it seems that wondrous weight loss pills, workout DVDs and hip new gyms are popping out at every corner, and it’s so hard to determine what’s the real deal and what’s not. That's where my Venus Factor Review comes in.

Here is a quick Venus Factor review snapshot:

Fat Crushers Sexy Back Scorecard

Program Ease of Use - 90%
Quality of Written Content - 95%
Easy to Understand Content/System - 90%
Video Quality - 95%
Workout Intensity Level (0 - too easy, 100-very intense) - 90%
Value For Money - 98%



If you’re a woman and trying to lose weight and get in shape, this product has your name written all over it. The Venus Factor has the ability to transform your body and make it the kind of body that women want and men desire.

What Is Venus Factor?

The Venus Factor is a true life-saver for any woman looking to lose weight. It’s a no-nonsense, easy to follow, affordable and extremely effective weight loss program designed specifically for women.

Made for ladies who are tired of the same old fitness regimes and inefficient diets that don’t work, Venus Factor diet is a weight-loss program that includes a carefully crafted diet plan that’s meant to help you lose weight efficiently and without much sacrifice, and a series of workouts designed for women (which means they’re not too hard to keep up with), AND they target problematic areas every woman in the world has.

The program lasts for 12 weeks, and the exercise and diet plan help you balance out your hormone levels, stimulate your metabolism, and lose weight for good. This unique program doesn’t just deal with the consequences (i.e. excessive weight), but with the reason behind the problem as well - the hormone that makes gaining those extra pounds much easier for women, and that much harder to lose weight when you want to.

The Venus Factor Review
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Why is the Venus Factor Diet Program Different?

You’ve probably never noticed that, even though the ladies end up using them the most, the majority of workout routines, meals plan and nutrition advice offered by different coaches and gurus are never gender-specific, and that’s why they end up not working, or not working fast enough for some people. The way women store fat and how they lose weight is significantly different than it is with men.

That’s why the Venus Factor took the fitness community by storm and proved to be a weight-loss program that has the most success stories by far.

A renowned nutritionist and fitness expert, John Barban, based his weight-loss program on extensive research and scientific studies, customizing it so it can be really effective for women. All those years of research and trying to develop a weight loss plan that actually works finally paid off when John realized how a hormone called Leptin impacts the women’s ability to burn fat and the way a woman’s body stores it.

What Makes The Venus Factor Diet Work?

There is a reason why the majority of women struggle with weight loss, and why most diets don’t work for them- they all fail to consider how much of an impact hormones have on a woman’s body. The Venus Factor diet uses an extremely effective weight loss system that gives our body an opportunity for a do-over. John Barban calls this metabolic override, and it basically means that the Venus Factor diet helps you boost the level of leptin in your system naturally which helps your body burn fat most efficiently.

To sum it up, the Venus Factor Diet helps you:

  • Eliminate fat from problematic areas - for good!
  • Lose weight in a simple and effective way
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Shed weight without weight loss plateaus
  • Lead a healthier life

The program focuses on the legs, buttocks and thighs. These are the main problem areas for most women. The exercises recommended will tone up these problem areas and other parts of your body to create a shapely and fit silhouette that turns heads.

Eliminate all fears of becoming muscle bound like men. The Venus Factor will tone your body and make it womanly and fit at the same time. The efficacy of this program lies in its ability to accentuate sexuality, boost health and reduce unwanted body fat.

The guide will teach you how to take measurements such as…

  • Height-to-Waist Ratio (HWR)
  • Waist-to-Hip Ratio (WHR)
  • Waist-to-Shoulder Ratio (WSR)

And No… you won’t need a PhD in mathematics. The explanations are simple, clear and concise. It is crucial that you know these ratios in order to sculpt your dream body.

Meeting these ratios will give you a goal to head towards instead of just training and eating blindly. Once you have met the ratios, your body will be fantastic.

The Venus Factor Diet program has everything you need - from diet and workout plans to personalized nutrition tips and advice, and it’s all easily accessible from the comfort of your own home.

What Will I Get If I Purchase The Venus Factor Diet?

Considering how affordable the Venus Factor Diet program is, it’s hard to believe how many incredible features this program offers. The whole 12-week program includes:

A detailed fat loss guide and diet plan

Workout videos

(whole 3-month program)

Custom virtual nutritionist software

Access to the Venus Factor community

The Venus Factor Review
Pay easily with your credit card

Special Venus Factor Offers To Take It To The Next Level

There are some upsells offered as well that you may want to consider:

The Venus Factor Fat Loss Cookbook

This Cookbook features over 100 recipes that include deserts, snacks, appetizers, drinks and smoothies, and special occasion meals in addition to the traditional daily meals.

The Venus Factor Final Phase

Venus Factor Final Phase, the advanced weight loss and muscle toning system. This system is divided into 3 cycles of 4 weeks. Each cycle is created to improve cardiovascular conditioning, strength conditioning and strength endurance.

The Venus Factor 12-Week Meal Plans

The Venus Factor 12-Week Meal Plans come with a recipe book with meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and 9 different Meal Plans based on calorie intake per day. You can choose from 1000 calories per day up to 1800 calories per day (they increase in increments of 100).

To fully disclose, I do receive a commission if a purchase is made through my affiliate link. Thank you (so much!) in advance if you do go through my link, and please keep reading to learn about the Free Gift Bonuses that you can only get through Fat Crushers.

What I Like

I love that this system is created just for women. All info and exercises are geared to help us lose and keep the weight off!

Digital downloads are awesome, but they went above and beyond by also giving a physical version of the Venus Factor system.

Venus Factor is a complete system. They cover the educational and how to info, the workouts for fatloss and some diet plans.

A gym membership is NOT required. This will be a relief to most women. There will be no need to fork out money or train in front of others. Many women are shy and self-conscious.

The Venus Factor workouts can be done in the privacy of your home. It is just as effective. Your body doesn’t care where you workout.

The nutrition plans that come with this program are not restrictive or torturous. You’ll be able to eat what you want in moderation and still shed the pounds. This makes the entire process less stressful.

If you buy the Venus Factor, then decide that it is not for you, there is a 60 day money back guarantee.

What I Don't Like or Would Change

There's a heck of a lot of reading involved as the Venus Factor guide is a whopping 179 pages. 

Some of the diet plan instructions may be a bit challenging to understand at first, particularly if you're making changes, and may have to be read a couple of times.

If you have serious health problems such as osteoporosis, spinal problems, etc. this program may not be suitable for you. Always speak to your doctor before embarking on any training program.

My Recommendation

The Venus Factor Diet is made easy with a detailed diet guide and simple workout videos that you can do at home or take with you to the gym, but its virtual nutritionist software and incredible community are equally valuable assets. The ability to customize everything will maximize the effectiveness of the program even more, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded women around the globe for motivation and support will help you stay on the course.

If you're serious about losing weight and getting fit with a system that is designed for women, I recommend giving the Venus Factor a try!

The Venus Factor Review
Pay easily with your credit card


Thank you for taking time to read my Venus Factor review. Again, if you have questions or want to learn a bit more about the Venus Factor, I encourage you to check out the sales page by clicking here.

To Your Total Body Health!


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