The 3 Week Diet Review

The standard American diet and a sedentary lifestyle has caused obesity to reach epidemic status. On top of that, everybody wants results fast. That is why the “3 Week Diet” has become an online bestseller and has sold thousands of copies.  In my 3 Week Diet Review, I'll reveal what all the hubbub is about.

Here is a quick 3 Week Diet review snapshot:

The standard American diet and a sedentary lifestyle has caused obesity to reach epidemic status. On top of that, everybody wants results fast. That is why the “3 Week Diet” has become an online bestseller and has sold thousands of copies.  In my 3 Week Diet Review, I'll reveal what all the hubbub is about. Here is a quick 3 Week Diet review snapshot:What Is The 3 Week Diet?The 3 Week Diet was created by expert personal trainer, Brian Flatt. His goal was to dispel most of the misconceptions about weight loss and provide a system that was easy and worked…

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Program Ease of Use - 90%
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If you're serious about losing weight and getting fit with a system that is designed for fast weight loss, I recommend giving the 3 Week Diet a try!

What Is The 3 Week Diet?

The 3 Week Diet was created by expert personal trainer, Brian Flatt. His goal was to dispel most of the misconceptions about weight loss and provide a system that was easy and worked effectively.

The 3 Week Diet touts itself as being a foolproof, science-based diet guarantee to melt away 12 to 21 pounds of stubborn body fat in 21 days.

That's a pretty bold claim!

Brian Flatt - Expert Personal Trainer
The 3 Week Diet

Brian feels that the three-week diet is the end-all and be-all to rapid weight loss and also claims that the diet works for everyone and that it works fast without fail.

The 3 Week Diet promises a heck of a lot:

  • The first paragraph of the introduction manual maintains that from day one on the 3 Week Diet you will see your scale moving, your body shrinking and your clothes fitting better.
  • It promises that it will give you a new life.
  • It promises to give you the ultimate secrets on how to lose weight on command and how to keep that weight from ever coming back.
  • It even says that if you want six pack abs or a single digit body fat percentage you can accomplish that with the 3 Week Diet.

Let's dig in and see what's really to this.

Why is the 3 Week Diet Diet Program Different?

The 3 Week Diet states that it was created as a solution to all of the mainstream diet programs which are time-consuming, inefficient and ineffective - which brings us to how and why it is different from other programs.

It states that it accomplishes in three weeks what most diets take 4 to 5 months to do. 

The 3 Week Diet was specifically designed to be an extremely rapid method for burning between 10 to 20+ pounds of body fat.

The 3 Week Diet seems to be a combination of several health, fitness and weight loss principles that are proven to work:

Low Carb

High Protein


Calorie Restricting



The 3 week diet pulls all of these principles together into a system that allows you to safely lose fat fast and get fit.

The 3 Week Diet
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What Makes The 3 Week Diet Work?

The 3 Week Diet is broken down into three main components:

1) Diet

2) Exercise and

3) Willpower, Motivation and Mindset


The first part of the system, the diet, consists of four phases and they say that in the first week on the diet you're likely to see weight loss around 7 to 10 pounds and in the last phase you'll learn how to determine your BMR and how to use it to calculate the calories and nutrients you need each day to meet your weight loss goals.

You'll also learn how to create a 24/7 fat burning environment through the foods you eat, how to balance your hormones to increase fat burning, and how to use optional supplements to dramatically increase your weight loss.

The 3 Week Diet will teach you some tricky ways to fast and still eat EVERY DAY so you get the best of both worlds.

I know that some people may not want to do fasting. It's really not bad. I did a three day fast and by the time day three came, I was cool and I really didn't even feel the need to to get off the fast. When you get past the first few hunger pangs, it becomes a breeze. I do find myself fasting pretty much on a daily basis (not deliberately though).

Short-term fasting is a very important part of the 3 Week Diet and they also point out that short-term fasting is safe and very effective. Medical research is shown it to be seriously beneficial to your health and your longevity and it is also the easiest fat burning method of all because you can burn fat all day long without doing anything. Again, Brian teaches a way to fast and still eat daily.


The second component is exercise. The 3 Week Diet claims that one of the reasons most diets fail is because of the amount of exercise needed to make the diet work requires way too much time.

It also states that when it comes to exercise, fat loss is actually driven by intensity not time.

Ladies, I know some of you may be thinking 'higher protein and resistance training... I do not want to look like a bodybuilder!' They assure us that you will not bulk up on the 3 Week Diet but you will be more toned implementing the workout.

The 3 Week Diet says that they'll give you some short, intense full-body, fat burning, body shaping workouts that you can do in just 20 to 30 minutes per day and only for three days a week.

They also say that these exercise routines can double your results but the diet portion of the book alone will turn your body into a fat burning furnace.

I always suggest that exercise be included in your routine because it's just a healthy habit that everyone needs to to add to their lifestyle.

These exercise are typically done in the gym unless you have a dumbbell set at home. Brian recommends an adjustable dumbbell set and a small weight bench for home use and he does give you some recommendations that you can take a look at.

They also point out that working out on a low-carb diet is not a lot of fun and that's why the 3 Week Diet exercise routine is short but it is very effective. It's not a lot of fun because while on a low-carb diet a lot of people feel drained or lethargic. The 3 Week Diet says that this usually only happens during the first week or so as your body adjusts from burning carbohydrates to burning fat.

As your body depletes glycogen you're going to feel slow and tired and they say that even though this is typically not a good feeling you need to understand that the end result is very positive because it lets you know that everything is working - that the glycogen stores are being cleared for more whole body fat burning.

Willpower, Motivation and Mindset

The third component is the Willpower, Motivation and Mindset. The focus of this is to dispel common myths about willpower which prevent many people from succeeding. Willpower is very important when it comes to losing weight.

You know how we battle with our minds and that inner voice tells us we can't do it; we're always going to be fat or whatever it is that that little voice is telling you inside. We battle this every day and it comes and goes and sometimes it can really get you down and your willpower will be at its lowest so we need that motivation.

We need to keep our mindset strong and focused on our goals and this section will help you through your mindset challenges and give you some easy-to-follow options which will help you with your success on the 3 Week Diet.

To sum it up, with the 3 Week Diet, you'll learn...

  • The 2 reasons for weight gain
  • How to put your body into a 24/7 fat burning mode
  • The role that primary nutrients play in our health and in our ability to gain or lose weight
  • The reason for the high failure rate of most diets and how to avoid the yo-yo dieting affect
  • How to avoid frustration by learning to calculate your BMR

The 3 Phases of the 3 Week Diet

The 3 Week Diet is broken down into three phases. Each week you will begin a new phase. The purpose of these phases is to maximize fat loss early on while introducing more more whole foods into your diet eventually resulting in a nutritionally balanced and complete diet which will ensure proper health and healthy weight for the rest of your life.

After completing phase 1, you will feel like you can do anything according to Brian and since you finish week one you'll have no problems completing week two and after that week three will be a walk in the park.

Brian says phase 1, which is the first week, is when you'll see the greatest amount of weight coming off sometimes it might be between five and 10 pounds this first phase is also going to cleanse your body and specifically your liver which is very likely to not be functioning at its best.

This will create an environment which will more efficiently burn fat and help you to lose more weight as time goes on. Much of this phase 1 focus is on your gut it cleanses your gut and detoxifies your liver which is your fat pumping organ by increasing certain vitamins you can effectively increase your insulin sensitivity and increase your body's adrenal function which is imperative for fat mobilization.

What Will I Get If I Purchase The 3 Week Diet?

The 3 Week Diet is a collection of four digital books that serve as a guide to get you to your best body weight. The complete 3 Week Diet System includes:

The Introduction Manual

The Diet Manual

The Workout Manual

The Mindset and Motivation Manual

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Special 3 Week Diet Offers To Take It To The Next Level

There are some upsells offered as well that you may want to consider:

UPSELL #1 - The 3 Week Diet Final Chapter

This is the final piece of the puzzle that allows dieters to “keep the momentum” going after they complete The 3 Week Diet and craft a truly stunning body that will draw the attention of others and have them begging to know their secrets for looking so good.

It contains an information-packed ebook and set of videos that reveal strategies anyone can use to tone their body, carve out their abs and other muscles and really take their appearance to the next level.

UPSELL #2 - Brian’s Private

1-On-1 Coaching and Support

A weight-loss coach is often just what dieters need to ensure they lose as much weight as they can as quickly and easily as they can.

With Brian’s Private 1-on-1 Coaching dieters get a caring expert who will be with them every step of the way offering advice to overcome roadblocks that may be unique to their particular situation and encouragement when dieters are down and challenges them to achieve even more when they are succeeding.

UPSELL #2 - Brian’s Private 1-On-1 Coaching and Support

UPSELL #3 - The Fat Loss Cookbook

Get 100+ delicious fat loss recipes that will save time, money and effort in the kitchen. The 3 Week Diet Fat Loss Cookbook is filled with healthy, great-tasting recipes. Dieters will be amazed that diet foods can taste so great AND be so filling.

Plus, the recipes call for simple, inexpensive ingredients that are easy to find and use so even those who don’t consider themselves great cooks will be able to make delicious meals in no time.

UPSELL #3 - The 3 Week Cellulite Secret

Unfortunately, losing weight does not get rid of cellulite. The truth is those unsightly lumps and dimples remain on the thighs and butt and other areas no matter how many pounds are lost.

But now dieters can get rid of unsightly cellulite in record time thanks to the 3 Week Cellulite Secret. This amazing program attacks cellulite directly and smooths the skin.

People who sign up for this program will be using something they probably have in their house right now to eliminate cellulite once and for all. This amazing secret is going to be shocking but it is also going to be thrilling as users start seeing their unsightly cellulite disappear.

To fully disclose, I do receive a commission if a purchase is made through my affiliate link. Thank you (so much!) in advance if you do go through my link, and please keep reading to learn about the Free Gift Bonuses that you can only get through Fat Crushers.

What I Like

I like that Brian shares with you weight loss tips and strategies that he has learned during his years as a personal trainer. Most people are not privy to such insider information when it comes to fat loss. By giving you these advanced strategies, he has shortened the weight loss curve immensely.

The diet is not rigid and you will not find yourself struggling to stick with it. Nothing is left to chance. You’re provided a diet plan and a detailed guide on nutrition. All you need to do is follow the diet plan for 3 weeks to see results.

The sheer number of testimonials shows that this program works. At least you know that you’ll not be wasting your time on untested theory.

The 3 Week Diet is an online download. You will get it immediately after payment. That means you can start the program ASAP and see results quickly.

If you buy the 3 Week Diet, then decide that it is not for you, there is a 60 day money back guarantee.

What I Don't Like or Would Change

Although there is a workout module in written format, it would be nice to have accompanying workout videos. 

Some of the diet plan instructions may be a bit challenging to understand at first, particularly if you're making changes, and may have to be read a couple of times.

The 3 Week Diet has great and important info, but your eyes may gloss over from some of the info that can be a bit technical with big scientific words.

You will be asked to purchase some supplements to speed up your weight loss. While not really necessary, they do help. So, you might have to fork out a few extra dollars over and above the program. It’s still worth it though.

Expecting to lose over 20 pounds within 3 weeks is a little unrealistic. 12 pounds is achievable but over 20 pounds is really difficult. You will have to exercise like crazy to lose this much weight and it’s not healthy to lose so much weight in such a short time.

That being said, a goal of 12 to 15 pounds is definitely possible if you follow the program to the letter. These are good goals to aim for.

My Recommendation

Are you in a hurry to lose the pounds? Maybe you're getting married, have a reunion party to attend, or you want to be beach ready and you don’t have much time left?

If you find yourself short of time, this is the product for you. While most weight loss guides focus on theory and teach you to lose weight gradually, the 3 Week Diet is all about speed.

The entire program is geared towards fast weight loss. If you’re in a hurry, this program is the best one to get. Once you’ve shed 10 to 15 pounds, you may apply the principles and lose all the remaining fat with time.

If you're serious about losing weight and getting fit with a system that is designed for fast weight loss, I recommend giving the 3 Week Diet a try!

The 3 Week Diet
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Melodye's Fat Crushers 3 Week Diet Free Gift

I always try to give a little something extra to those who purchase through my affiliate links, so as a thank you, I’m happy to offer the Fat Crushers’ 3 Week Diet Free Gift, which is a Set of Tools and Resources that you can use to help manage your weight loss goals.

You'll get these Must-Have tools and resources for your weight loss and health journey:

  • Keeping A Weight Loss Journal
  • Fat Crushers Weight Loss Calculator

Again, this is available as a free gift bonus to those who purchase through my affiliate link.

After purchasing through my link, just simply go to to collect your bonuses! You will need your receipt number.

Again, if you have questions or want to learn a bit more about the 3 Week Diet, I encourage you to check out the sales page by clicking here.

To Your Total Body Health!


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