You can go nuts trying to figure out the best weight loss methods to use.  There are so many options and not all of them, unfortunately, are good ones.  Almost daily there is an article debating the efficacy of exercise or how much diet actually matters in weight loss. Here is an article discussing the best weight loss methods today.

Best Weight Loss Methods Are Not Mysterious

By Mark L Mason

There is no doubt one can argue about what the best weight loss method is until too tired to do anything about it. There is simply no getting around that natural methods for losing weight effectively, safely, and forever are best. Easier said than done, is the unalterable fact that regular physical activity suited to your individual circumstances and self discipline are the foundation for maintaining your weight and overall health. However, easier said than done does not mean its impossible.

Approaching weight loss has to be kept in its proper perspective. First, you are not alone with this issue. Most of us have a friend we know who wants to lose some weight as much as you do. Going it alone is often much harder than having support and accountability for those moments when we might falter or feel less than committed to the goal of doing what is best for ourselves. The best weight loss method are different for each and every one of us based on personal preferences, interests, and circumstances. However, we can agree that some facts are unavoidable and create the parameters we must work within. Those facts are that diet and exercise do matter and do have a cause and effect relationship. With that in mind, the next most important factor is simply having someone or a group that will increase your accountability for your progress and help you find the key to self discipline and long lasting weight control. If you can’t find a friend or someone close then you can consider seeking the help of your physician (almost always a good starting point since its likely they have already discussed it previously with you at some time) or a paid program, meetings or support groups which can be found locally, online or even by phone.

We have covered that the best weight loss methods are diet and exercise suited to your individual needs. Our understanding of the functions of diet and exercise are improving constantly and the benefits becoming much more attractive and motivating. However, it is often overlooked or misunderstood that starving yourself is not the answer and is actually harmful. Research shows that the best weight loss methods are ones that encourage you to actually eat more, even more often, but eat healthy food in different amounts. The key is the right knowledge in combination with your motivation. For example, in order to maintain a high metabolism eating food categories that are high in fiber, vegetables, lean proteins, and naturally, low in fat are the best. Starvation and deprivation methods are not best. They only make you weak and reduce your metabolism. Eat as much as you want but only if its healthy food.

Yes, there are weight loss supplements and you have several “fat” burning ones available easily over the counter but they do not and can not take the place of the right knowledge. The best weight loss methods are located in your head and heart. The best weight loss methods are those that teach you how to enjoy eating, what to eat, but most, most importantly is how your body works. Eating is such a primary function yet the amount of mystique, misinformation and down right ignorance is appalling. You however do not have to be in that group. In fact taking the time to research this topic indicates clearly you don’t want to be and you are taking the right first step in doing so. Your challenge will not be can you do it but rather how. Deciding what method will work best. The resources are there.

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Without a doubt, the best weight loss methods are to have a nutritious and healthy diet and have a regular exercise regimen.  There are other methods you can use to supplement the core weight loss methods, but be sure to do your due diligence and learn if these other solutions are right for you.


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