June 15, 2015

grilling Ideas: grilled salmon

The lazy days of summer are finally here, and you know what that means! The warm sun drifting through the sky and the smell of fresh summer cooking wafting in on the breeze! Summer is a great time to get adventurous with your cooking because you have a lot of fantastic options for food that aren’t cheaply or readily available other times of the year. Specifically bulk seasonal fruits and veggies are everywhere for a fraction of their off-season price and stores are likely going to have all kinds of sales on grilling meats. If you’re looking for something fresh to try this summer, take a look at these quick grilling ideas:


Turkey/Chicken Dogs/Burgers – The hot dog and hamburger have been a summer staple for as long as I can remember (and probably even longer than that) but even lean beef is full of unhealthy fats and cheap hot dogs are filled with all kinds of scary additives. Instead of the standby beef burger or dog instead opt for something leaner like ground turkey or chicken. Turkey and chicken are naturally leaner meats and their unique flavors open up a lot of new and different flavor options on the barbecue!


Grilling Ideas: Grilled vegetables and lean meat


Grilled Fish – Another great option for the barbecue is some freshly grilled fish. Fish is another lean option over fatty beef choices that also comes with a lot of great vitamins and the ever important Omega-3 fatty acids that you might normally have to take as a supplement if you’re not a big seafood eater. Try a store bought option, check a fresh fish market if you live near the water, or even catch your dinner yourself!


grilling Ideas: grilled salmon


A Great Grilling Ideas How-To Video


Fruit/Veggie Kebabs – Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, adding the option of freshly grilled fruit and vegetable kebabs is a great idea. You can put just about anything on them, leaving your options wide open for everything from traditional kebab choices like peppers, pineapple, and onions or try adding something a little different to the menu like apple slices. Of course you don’t have to go all vegetable, adding some chicken or beef chunks to your kebabs is always an option, but using seasonally cheap veggies is a great way to keep costs down and flavor up.


Grilling Ideas: grilled kebabs


Summertime is the perfect time for trying something new and flavorful you might not think of other times of the year.  Try some of these grilling ideas at your next family get together or neighborhood barbecue!


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